1.     There are apps just for iMessage? How do I find and download them?

Yes, there are apps made specifically for use without leaving your iMessage conversations. Make sure you have the latest version of iOS downloaded on your iPhone and that you are signed in to the App Store with your Apple ID. Then follow the step-by-step directions found HERE on our website.

2.     What is Loji?

Loji is an iMessage app that allows users to easily find and share information using interactive icons, called “lojis.” Without leaving their iMessage conversation, users can access details and real-time updates on their favorite people, places and things.

3.     How does it work?

By viewing our custom image-based library within iMessage, users can find lojis of their favorite brands and friends. Single tap a loji icon to instantly access the all of the most useful information on their profile page. This includes contact information, maps, reviews, social media feeds and so much more. Directly insert a loji into your conversation by tapping and holding the icon.

4.     How do I sign up?

Users need to sign up through their Facebook or Instagram account to access loji. Once you sign up your profile picture becomes your own customizable loji. Add your other social media accounts to personalize your loji profile page.

5.     How do I add a loji of something or somewhere?

 It’s easy! All it takes is a simple one-step process to request new lojis of your favorite brands HERE. Help us grow our library by adding and sharing Lojis of what really matters.

Also, you can search for new lojis in Google and share them with friends via iMessage. 

6.     I’m a business owner or an in-house marketing professional, how do I add a loji or edit an existing loji?

Follow this link and sign into the official Facebook or Instagram page for your business. From there, you can edit any existing information or add additional social media accounts, promotions, contests, etc.

7.     Are there opportunities for promoting my business or brand? If so, how do I get that information?

Yes, we’d love to work with you to market your brand and have several opportunities to do so. Please email or call (408) 800-5654 to discuss further.

8.     Do you support group messaging?

Yes. Since loji resides in iMessage, you can send lojis to one person or multiple recipients.

9.     On what platforms is loji available?

The loji app is currently available on iOS10, iOS10.2 on the iPhone. iPhone users can send lojis to users on other platforms. Android users can also view lojis; however, they cannot send them.

10.  I need help with loji for iMessage. What should I do?

For problems enabling, downloading, accessing and using loji for iMessage, please visit our How it Works Guide or email